Unbundled legal services are an agreement between a client and a legal service provider to provide specific legal services for a set or fixed price. If a legal service provider offers unbundled legal services, a client can pick and choose the services they need or want without paying any retainer or hourly fees. This is because the fees for the services are already set. When someone opts for these types of services, they know upfront how much they are paying. People who use unbundled legal services can choose full representation for their case or only get legal help on certain parts of their case.

Why is this Important?

It’s no secret that traditional legal services are expensive. Unfortunately, this expense results in many people handling their own legal matters with limited understanding of how the justice system works.

In fact, in Utah, more than 50 percent of civil cases (family, debt collection and landlord/tenant) are handled without legal assistance. This often results in unfair or incomplete resolutions to legal issues. Many people who would have benefitted from legal help often end up with less than ideal results.

What Can I Get with Unbundled Legal Services?

With unbundled legal services, you can get whatever legal help you need or want. This is different from traditional legal services because you can choose to get legal help on some or all parts of your case. When you hire an attorney, your case is handled from start to finish. You pay a retainer and are billed at a set hourly rate. This usually adds up to thousands of dollars. Using unbundled legal services allows you to only pay for what you need and can be more cost effective than hiring a lawyer.

When you opt for unbundled legal services, you can have documents prepared on your behalf for filing and/or consult with a lawyer or a Licensed Paralegal Practitioner (LPP). You can choose to represent yourself but still get the legal coaching you need. In Utah, unbundled legal services can include:

  • Document drafting
  • Document review
  • Legal coaching/consulting
  • Help with the discovery process
  • Coaching for a hearing
  • Legal representation for one or more hearings
  • Any combination of these kinds of services up to full representation

These unbundled services are cost-effective and can close the justice gap for people who can’t afford full legal representation or want a better understanding of how to deal with their legal matters.

How do these Services Help with My Family Law Case?

Many Utahns are underrepresented in their legal cases. Utah’s divorce rate is climbing, and over 50 percent of Utahns are representing themselves in their divorce cases. If you want to file for divorce but aren’t sure where to start, you can seek help with filing a petition without retaining a lawyer. If you’ve filed a petition but aren’t sure how to go about dealing with child support, you can get help on just that aspect of your case. With unbundled legal services, you pick and choose the services that you want and only pay for them.

What are the Pros and Cons of these Services?

The advantages of using unbundled legal services is that you can do the work yourself and have more control over your case. You also save money because you’re not paying huge retainer or hourly fees for the work being done on your case.

The main disadvantage is that you have a lot of people working on your case at the same time, which can cause some confusion. If your case is straightforward, then the advantages can outweigh this disadvantage, especially if you don’t need a lot of help.

How Do I Know if I Need Full Representation?

There are some cases where self-representation might not work. Criminal charges usually require full representation. Also, complicated domestic and civil matters may be better suited for full representation.

If you have any questions about whether unbundled legal services are right for you, you can ask for advice from a legal professional to see what the best course of action is for your case. Many lawyers offer free consultations and will give you their opinion on whether you need full legal representation.

Helping Utahns Close the Justice Gap

Representing yourself in legal issues just got easier. In order to close this access to justice gap, we are now offering unbundled legal services to help people help themselves with their legal matters. If you need the extra help without paying expensive attorneys’ fees, Utah Legal Coach can help you. We’ll answer your questions, draft your documents, and give you the legal services you need for a lower price. There are no obligations and no retainers. Schedule an appointment today to get the legal help you deserve while continuing to help yourself.