How We Can Help You

Thousands of Utahns represent themselves in legal matters because they can’t afford legal representation. Utahns who handle their own cases don’t get the outcome they deserve. Utah Legal Coach is changing this by offering “unbundled” legal services.


What this Means for Utahns

If you’re representing yourself in a legal matter and you need some help, you can work with our legal coach. You’ll only pay for the services you need.  There are no retainer fees or hourly charges – just a flat fee for what you need help with.

How Can Utah Legal Coach Help Me?

With Utah Legal Coach, you’ll have a team behind you that can answer your legal questions, help you draft documents, or brief you for a hearing. Know how much you’re paying up front and what exactly you’re paying for. You’ll save money while getting the legal help you need!

What We Offer

Legal Coaching 

Our legal coach is happy to answer any questions you have – whether it’s how to proceed in a divorce or what you need to do to prepare for an upcoming hearing. Work with your coach come up with a game plan that will help you with even the toughest legal issues.


Our coach can help you prepare and file many different legal documents – from petitions for divorce to financial declarations. Get your documents in a bundle or only pay for the ones you need. 

Closing the justice gap is our mission.

 Same Day Appointments are Available.


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