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What is Legal Coaching?

DIY Divorces Need Help

Utah court records show that a majority of divorces are filed without lawyers. DIY divorces make sense when attorneys’ fees can be tens of thousands of dollars. People do their best, but Utah judges see thousands of frustrated Utahns trying to follow court rules they don’t understand. The Utah Supreme Court, and every divorce judge in the state, has pushed for more help for unrepresented people! Still, lawyers resist and refuse to give advice to Utahns who represent themselves.

We coach you

We started thinking “what if we can help Utahns get legal help at a lower price?” So Utah Legal Coach was born.

You represent yourself and we coach you. When you want advice, we’re eager to talk. If you want court documents, our professionals prepare them for you. You decide!  No expensive retainer fees and no obligations – pay only for the services you want when you need them.


Unbundled legal services

We offer unbundled legal services, meaning you only pay for the services you need at a fixed price, and no more. You’ll receive the legal help you need with a team of legal coaches behind you. Meet with a legal coach at your convenience by phone or video. You’ll have the legal help you need without paying outrageous attorneys fees.


What does a legal coach do?

Legal coaching is an innovative way of getting the legal answers you need at a price you can afford. Legal coaches are not attorneys, but do have the experience, education and the ability to offer legal advice. A legal coach will listen, work with you and listen and provide options. Whether you need preventive advice, help reviewing or preparing documents, help with mediation or just want to discuss the details of your case — we can help.


Closing the justice gap

Over 50% of Utahns don’t have access to legal representation. In order to close this gap, we’re offering unbundled legal services —  you only pay for the services you need and have a team of legal coaches behind you. We’ll help you successfully represent yourself and save money.


Greater Satisfaction with DIY

A study done in the UK showed that consumers had 600% higher satisfaction with non-lawyers than they did with lawyers. The quality of work done by non-lawyers was the same. Utah is only one of two states in the U.S. that allows non-lawyers to give legal advice to clients. We want you to have the same quality of service and a better experience by offering legal coaching and advice at a lower price to help you successfully represent yourself.

From divorce and custody disputes to document preparation, we’ve got you covered.

Connect to your coach by phone or video.
Benefit from an experienced team of legal coaches behind you every step of the way.

Divorce and Family Law

Many people file for divorce on their own and don’t always get a good result. We can help you no matter which stage you are at in the divorce process. We can also help with custody disputes, child support and paternity cases.

Debt Collection

Not all debt collection claims are legitimate. We’ll review your documents and prepare you to represent yourself and work with your creditors to get the best possible outcome.

Document preparation

Do you need help creating documents? Or do you just have questions about legal documents you received? Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

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